Birth Circle

Our Birth Circle meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at Women’s Health at Robinwood, Suite 249 (Blue Entrance), 11110 Medical Campus Road, Hagerstown, Maryland. Anyone who is due to give birth or who has recently given birth is welcome, as is anyone with an interest in birth and parenting, including birth professionals or professionals who work with pregnant women and new families. Part of each gathering is set aside for socializing and informal discussion, and part is devoted to a short presentation or discussion on a specific topic.

Upcoming Birth Circle

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Past Topics

May 2011: Infant Massage
June 2011: Midwifery Model of Care
July 2011: Whole Foods for Baby
August 2011: Cloth Diapering
September 2011: Raw Foods Diet
October 2011: Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga
November 2011: How to Have the Birth You Want in a Hospital
December 2011: Gentle Parenting
January 2012:  HRCR-Facilitated Discussion: Let’s Talk Birth, Baby!
February 2012: Babywearing
March 2012: Postpartum Depression
April 2012: Cesarean Awareness, Prevention, and Healing
May 2012: Birth Circle First Birthday Celebration
June 2012: Strategies for Transitioning from Couple to Family
July 2012: Reiki Healing
August 2012: Chiropractic Wellness for Pregnancy and Beyond
September 2012: Meet the Doula
October 2012: Infant and Pregnancy Loss
November 2012: Community-Supported Agriculture and Eating Locally
December 2012: Holistic and Traditional Parenting
Janruary 2013: No Meeting
February 2013: Breastfeeding
March 2013: Baby Sign Language
April 2013: No Meeting
May 2013: Demystifying Homebirth
June 2013: Dad’s Perspective on Birth
July 2013: Fertility Awareness
August 2013: Milk Banking/Sharing
September 2013: Compassionate Parenting
October 2013: Remembrance/Honoring those Lost
November 2013: Open Q&A
December 2013: Dancing for Birth
January 2014: No Meeting
February 2014: No Meeting
March 2014: Babywearing
April 2014: Postpartum Depression
May 2014: What Happens When Your Birth Doesn’t Go Your Way?
June 2014:Parenting Toddlers
July 2014:Cesarean Sections
August 2014: Booby Traps
September 2014: The 4th Trimester
October 2014: Holistic Wellness
November 2014: Tests and Procedures in Pregnancy
December 2014: Tools and Procedures During Birth
February 2015: Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga
March 2015: Babywearing
April 2015: Sex After Baby