Volunteers Needed!

Are you passionate about babies and growing families?
Do you believe in the power of a supportive community?

Hagerstown Birth strives to facilitate a birthing community where expectant mothers and new families can easily connect with professionals dedicated to empowering them on their parenting journey. Our goal is to help women make informed birth choices, encourage breastfeeding, connect and support families, and nurture the mother-baby bond. Here’s to improving birth in the Hagerstown area!

Hagerstown Birth Volunteers

Hagerstown Birth is looking for volunteers to help our organization grow. We are particularly in need of volunteers with the following skill sets:

Accounting and Finance/Budgeting
Public Relations and Marketing
Volunteer Management
Event Planning

Social Media Networking

Website Administration
Effective Written and Verbal Communication Skills
Time Management
Marketing and PR
Team Building


Hagerstown Birth Board Member Positions

We have several board level volunteer positions available. Board members are asked to commit to monthly board meetings in addition to attendance at the monthly Birth Circle. Outside of meetings, most board work is done from home on your own schedule. Board members are typically birth or parenting professionals, or dedicated consumer advocates.

If you want to help but cannot commit at the board level, we are also always looking for more volunteers to help throughout the year and especially leading up to and during our annual Birth & Babies Fair. This is perfect for new parents looking to support the organization while balancing family life, as most work is done from home and the time commitment is minimal.

Board members must meet a minimum requirement to receive membership benefits, i.e. free website listing and free table at the birth fair.  To be eligible for these rewards, members of the leadership team must attend at least eight birth circle meetings and 80% of the planning meetings each calendar year.  Board members must sign in at birth circle meetings to keep record of their attendance.

To apply for either a volunteer or board member position, please contact Hagerstown Birth at info@hagerstownbirth.org.