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An informal gathering at Port City Java in Hagerstown, MD turned into a creative collaboration among five birth professionals. Driven by a common desire to improve the availability and quality of birth services in Washington County, MD, and beyond, the group formed Hagerstown Regional Childbirth Resources, a place for professionals and emerging families to connect and grow together.

Today, Hagerstown Birth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of Maryland serving the families of the tri-state region by working to support growing families, especially by connecting them to the many local businesses and organizations that work to educate and provide care from fertility or family planning through early childhood.

Our board functions as a leadership team of committed volunteers to help further these efforts and currently includes Courtney Logsdon Buhrman, Mindy Waltz, and Susan McCarthy. We also have many local parents and advocates who volunteer their time to make our goals reality.

[section_heading]Meet the Team[/section_heading]


Courtney Logsdon Buhrman – President, Secretary


Courtney lives in Hagerstown, working and learning from home in various capacities, including her studies in pursuit of postpartum doula certification and current work as a certified birth doula. As the oldest of four, and daughter to a child care professional, she grew up surrounded by children and those who have a passion for helping them grow. She enjoys writing, shopping, making art, and reading when she isn’t working or homeschooling her children.

Mindy Waltz – Vice President, Treasurer

Mindy lives in Smithsburg, MD, with her husband, their daughter, their cats and their two Saint Bernards and is a registered nurse. While in nursing school at John Hopkins University School of Nursing, she developed a passion for birth and became a doula, though she currently works as an obstetrical nurse. Her hobbies include raising poultry, homesteading, organic gardening, reading, and traveling.

┬áSusan McCarthy – Resource/Volunteer Coordinator

Susan is co-owner of Enkore Kids and lives in Boonsboro, MD. As a parent, someone whose job involves serving local families, and a certified car seat safety technician, Susan works everyday to create a better community for parents, infants, children and parents-to-be. When she’s not wrangling her foster dogs, she enjoys reading and having adventures homeschooling with her children.

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