About Us

An informal gathering at Port City Java in Hagerstown, MD turned into a creative collaboration among five birth professionals. Driven by a common desire to improve the availability and quality of birth services in Washington County, MD, and beyond, the group formed Hagerstown Regional Childbirth Resources, a place for professionals and emerging families to connect and grow together.

Today, Hagerstown Birth is an 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of Maryland.

Approximately 1900 women give birth each year at Meritus Hospital, hailing not only from Washington County, MD, but also from nearby counties in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. In the tri-state region, there are many professionals who serve new parents. Hagerstown Birth creates a network of these professional resources to make the visible to the community.

We have a leadership team that is responsible for the running of Hagerstown Birth. The team consists of Mindy Waltz, Jenifer Sincevich, Lauri Edwards, Susan McCarthy, Angela Noon and Kara Moore.

Meet the Team

Mindy Waltz – President

Mindy Waltz Fall 2015 06

Mindy is a Registered Nurse who received her BSN from The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. While in nursing school, she developed a passion for birth and became a doula. She currently works as an obstetrical nurse.  Mindy lives in Smithsburg, MD, with her husband, their daughter, their cats and their two Saint Bernards. Her hobbies include raising poultry, homesteading, organic gardening, reading, and traveling.

Jen Sincevich – Vice President


Jen is a toLabor trained Professional Birth Doula, a henna artist, and a mom of two amazing little people. She is excited to put her past work experience in the non-profit sector, to work in support of pregnant women and emerging families. She believes strongly in empowering families with the knowledge and resources necessary to make their own birth and parenting decisions.

Lauri Edwards – Secretary

Susan McCarthy – Membership Coordinator

Angela Noon – Volunteer Coordinator

Kara Moore – Social Media Coordinator